This collection of articles about clutter will provide you with dozens of strategies for removing the things that weigh you down and keep you from enjoying a lighter, freer life.

1.  The Truth About Clutter

2.  Clutter Defined

3.  11 Reasons to Clear Your Clutter Today

4.  5 Reasons Your Life Will Be Better If You Simplify

5.  5 Ways to Live More Simply Even If You Can't Declutter Yet

Think of decluttering like weeding a garden.

6.  Let Your Garden Grow

7.  It's True: Clutter and Obesity Share a Direct Link

8.  Just in Case

Here's why you shouldn't Kondo your home.

10.  Ask One Question

11.  5 Questions to Answer When You're Trying to Minimize

12.  The Best Way to Clear Clutter (Plus 12 Steps to a Successful Spending Freeze)

13.  5 Minute Minimalism

14.  How a Naked Table Makes My Home Life Better

15.  Declutter the Easy Way

16.  Visual Noise

17.  Throw a Packing Party

18.  Spring is Decluttering Season

19.  11 Decluttering Jump Starts

20.  10 Tried-and-True Ways to Increase Your Discard Pile

21.  10 Tiny Decluttering Tasks With Big Results

22.  Declutter 30 Things (or More!) With Ease This Weekend

23.  It's Worth Your Effort to Make a Place For Everything

24.  How to Make Decluttering Decisions

25.  The Essential Decluttering Decision: Keep or Toss?

26.  What Do You Do With All of Your Stuff?

27.  Things to Avoid When Decluttering

28.  How to Get Unstuck When You Lose Decluttering Momentum

Staying clutter-free is as much about what comes in
as about what goes out.

clutter-free kitchen

30.  12 Practical Tips for a Wardrobe That Lets You Dress With Ease and Confidence

31.  Why a Uniform Might Work for You

32.  Why Your Wardrobe is Out of Control and How to Make It Better

33.  A Simplified Kitchen

34.  The 20 Toy Rule

35.  How to Conquer Toy Clutter

36.  How to Pare Down Your Home Library and Uncover the Books You Love

37.  Declutter Your Fantasy Self

38.  Memories, Not Mementos

39.  How to Let Go of Sentimental Keepsakes

40.  How to Uncover Your Treasures by Decluttering Your Keepsakes

41.  How to Declutter Christmas Decorations

42.  Getting Ready for the Great Transfer and How to Make It Easier

43.  How to Declutter More Effectively By Understanding 4 Personality Types  


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