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How to Become a Minimalist Without Decluttering ... Yet

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a minimalist is summoning the energy and making the time to undo what we've done for so many years. Now, I loved the process of decluttering once I did it, the lightness I gained as I finally let things go, and the feeling that the items I was keeping were only my most useful and favorite belongings.  The whole process was illuminating, and made me appreciate what I kept even more. But it did take time and effort, evenings and weekends, deciding what to keep and how to responsibly donate or discard the rest.  And the longer you've been accumulating, the more there is to remove.  Sifting through all of that clutter is a big job. But just imagine if we could snap our fingers, make the mess go away, and start over today! Unfortunately, that's not how it works.  If we want to live with less, eventually we have to do the hard work of letting go.  There's no other way. But if you are someone who is struggling to let go, we can try a di

11 Reasons to Declutter Today

Has decluttering been on your radar for a while, but you just haven't started?  You know you need and want to do it, but you're busy.  Always busy, and decluttering takes some time.  It's pretty easy to do the "get rid of one item each day" method, but you feel like that will just take forever, and you want to see meaningful results soon.  But busyness, lack of energy, that TV show, those social media posts, and a touch of good old procrastination are getting in your way. Maybe these eleven reasons to declutter will help give you the motivation to start today. 1.  Save time. A clutter-free home makes it easier to find what you need when you need it, without fruitless searching.  Because everything has a place to belong, it's easier to see when you need to restock or replace something.  Plus, having less stuff makes your home quicker and easier to keep clean.  You can spend time on other things you like to do better. 2.  Save money. You shop less when you becom

How to Say No

This is a chapter from my latest book, The Minimalist Tool Kit: Habits and Strategies to Help You Find Freedom and Happiness with Less (paid link). Many of us are "super busy."  We're like hamsters in a wheel, struggling to keep up.  We go for quantity, and miss quality.  We spend time recklessly, even though it is our most precious and non-renewable resource. Learning to say no is essential for our happiness. But it's not so easy to do when you were raised to be polite.  Many of us are people-pleasers, and even when something isn't right for us or we're already overloaded with tasks, we struggle to say no.  If we do manage to get the word out, we feel guilty. In part, we can blame our culture, which makes it easy to compare ourselves to others who seem to be accomplishing more than we are.  It's very easy to believe that we just aren't good enough.  So when people ask us for our time, we feel like we have to step up. We can also blame evolution.  Our

The Habits that Changed My Life

A blessed Easter to all of you this weekend! Of course I struggle with bad habits, as we all do.  But like brushing and flossing, washing my hands, and saying "please," I have plenty of positive habits that make my daily life better.   Sometimes it's good to focus on what we're doing right, rather than continually trying to self-improve.  These are the habits I'm proud of. 1.  I read every day. This habit started in first grade and I've maintained it forever after.  I read fiction and non-fiction books, some news, and favorite blogs.  I always encounter food for thought and inspiration.  2.  I write every day. My goal is one sentence, which I can do no matter what else is going on that day, but I usually write much more.  This habit has led to letters, gratitude journals, blogging, and writing books (I've published eight so far). 3.  I pray every day. I concentrate on offering prayers of thanks, although of course I ask God for help, guidance, and forgive