This collection of articles provides tips for maintaining your uncluttered home, plus strategies to develop new habits for your best life.

1.  Three Little Words to Help You Keep Tidy

2.  7 Secrets of a Clutter-Free Family Home

3.  4 Simple Habits to Help Maintain Your Minimalist Lifestyle

4.  Simple Clutter-Free Habits to Do in Just a Minute

5.  Re-Decluttering: One Simple Maintenance Tool for Continued Peace and Clarity

Change your habits and you'll change your life.

7.  Clean As You Go

8.  Fight the Tide of Entropy

9.  Keep Kitchen Surfaces Clear

10.  Don't Drown in Paper 

11.  The Secret to Maintaining a New Habit

12.  Resolutions That Work

13.  How Tiny Steps Can Lead to a Big Change

14.  Action is the Foundational Key to All Success

15.  One Simple Secret to Help You Live a Better Life

16.  How to Gain Success in Life By Learning Wisdom

17.  Advice for Reaching Your Goals from Someone Who Isn't Perfect


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