Decluttering Will Boost Your Skills and Confidence

A confidence boost can take many forms.  Maybe a new outfit or a new hairstyle will make you feel attractive and put together.  Receiving a compliment or getting a promotion at work will do it.  Accomplishing a goal, such as completing a 10K race, writing the first draft of your book, or mastering a new cooking technique can make you feel not only satisfied, but powerful.

One of the negative effects of clutter is the loss of control.  Your home is disordered and frustrating, your schedule is heavy and frantic, and you feel like your life is running you, rather than the other way around.

Decluttering can change all of that.

When you gain control of your surroundings, you feel grounded and better able to cope with the tasks that come your way.  And you do handle them with more attention and efficiency, because you're not impeded by clutter.

Decluttering your home and creating a cleaner, tidier living environment that looks more respectable is empowering.  Your energy and optimism may soar because you're no longer overwhelmed by your surroundings.

The process of decluttering requires a lot of decision-making.  As you consider your possessions, you ponder your feelings about each item, and ask yourself questions about the value and utility of each piece.  You make the decision to either keep it, or to donate, sell, or trash it.

All of that decisiveness gives you clarity and focus, and is bound to positively affect your approach to your work and responsibilities.  You become more productive not just because your environment is more streamlined and supportive, but because the process of decluttering has improved your planning and organizational skills.

Imagine how much stress you have removed along with your clutter, and how that beneficially impacts your emotions, physical health, and relationships.  You can't help but move through your days with more serenity and confidence.

And it all started with decluttering.

Want more?  11 Reasons to Declutter Today

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Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar on Unsplash


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