Why Your Dream Home is Surprisingly Closer Than You Think

Many of us work for years to save and buy our "forever home" – the one we think will make our daily life happier, more presentable, and just a little better than everyone else's.

But even after we buy the "perfect" house, we plan improvements.  From the entry hall to the mud room, we find details to tweak.

In the past, I've purchased paint and flooring, a French door and a wood stove, plus a gift shop's-worth of d├ęcor – and I still wasn't quite as satisfied as I wanted to be.

welcoming living room

My method was flawed.

Don't get me wrong.  I believe beauty is important, but so are ease and comfort.  I kept buying things for my house, but never thought about the cumulative effect of all those possessions.

Besides, it's the quality of life inside the house that makes all the difference.

The most exquisite palace in the world can be a scene of misery, and a small and simple dwelling can hold great happiness.  (You know this is true.)

Pretend you've already done the work.

serene table with mirror
Imagine this:

  • You've created a wardrobe of clothes that fit and flatter in place of a closet crammed with items that don't suit your current style or lifestyle.
  • You have plenty of useful counter space instead of a kitchen and bathroom crowded with bottles, appliances, and knickknacks that get in your way.
  • You enjoy a few beautiful and meaningful ornaments instead of walls, shelves, and tables full of dusty tchotchkes.
  • You've designed accessible storage for tools and supplies you use on a regular basis, with plenty of room to park a vehicle, in place of a garage piled high with never-opened boxes.
  • You can find a stamp, your tweezers, or a working flashlight with ease, exactly where you expect them to be.

In fact, everything you own is easy to retrieve and put away again.

Can you picture it?  Your house looks great, and daily life is easier, calmer, and leaves you with more time and energy to spend on activities that bring you fulfillment.

I guarantee that new furniture or flooring isn't going to give you this much long-lasting satisfaction.

Design your dream house.

Wherever you're living right now, you can make it more like your dream home, beginning with the newly revised and expanded edition of Uncluttered, available now on Amazon.*

* This blog is reader-supported.  When you buy through my links, I may earn a small commission.

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