These Oldies Still Have the Goods: Revisit Them for New Inspiration

At least 350,000 words – that's about what it comes to.  Almost 400 posts, not to mention a dozen books.

It continues to surprise me that I have written so much.  Some of you have been here for all of it.  Thank you.

Back in November 2018, when I published my first post, I knew very little about blogging.  I'd always been a writer in various ways, and particularly enjoyed writing essays from a personal point of view.

(I can just imagine my brother saying, "What a weirdo.  Essay writing?  Are you kidding me?!)

And here we are today, nearly 45 months later, on post number 399.

old typewriter

This one's a little different.

Even though I continue writing about decluttering, minimalism, gratitude, and other values of a simpler mindset and lifestyle, I work hard to create new content with fresh insights and ideas.

But sometimes it's good to revisit the oldies.  We grow and change, and come to that old material with new eyes and different needs than we had before.

So today I'm featuring three favorite old posts that I think you'll enjoy reading again.

Each has been tweaked and updated, retitled, and in some cases completely revised and expanded.  In my humble opinion, the content of these posts is quite good, and I think your takeaway will be high.

So pour a glass of iced tea (add frozen berries, citrus slices, or some mint or basil leaves for a bit of kick), get comfortable, and click through to these posts.

3 old/new posts

1.  5 Ways to Live More Simply – Even if You Can't Declutter Yet

Decluttering made a huge difference to my life, but it isn't what made the biggest difference.  Instead, a few simple mindset shifts brought me more peace at home and work – even before I launched my epic decluttering project.

Even if you can't carve out time to declutter right now, these five simple steps will change the way you think.  Change your life with minimalism today, even if you can't declutter yet.

delicious iced tea
2.  The Best Way to Clear Clutter – Plus 12 Steps to a Successful Spending Freeze

There are a lot of ways to begin decluttering, but for many of us there is an essential first step.  That's because decluttering isn't only about what leaves your home.

This post is chock-full of some of my best strategies for controlling the impulse to buy what you don't need.  It's a lot to take in, so remember to practice one step at a time.

3.  20 Ways to Increase Happiness by Being Kind

The world can always use more kindness, but did you know that kindness has a boomerang effect?  Thoughtful, generous behavior has been scientifically proven to make the instigator happy.  Everyone wins!

I would love to hear from you if you have more ideas about simple, effective ways to treat others the way you'd like to be treated.


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