95 Ways to Simplify Your Life - In the Kitchen

Moving on today to one of the busiest rooms in anyone's home – the kitchen.  This is where we gather for nourishment and connection, yet it is also often the place where clutter gathers and sticks.  But little changes can truly have a big impact.  (If you missed Part 2, go here.)

Part 3 – In the kitchen

37.  Plan meals in advance.
You'll spend less time staring into the refrigerator, wondering what to make, and be less likely to give up and call for takeout.

38.  Shop with a grocery list.
Avoid making extra trips for forgotten items, and control impulse purchases too.  It could be worth the effort to create a master list of items you use regularly.  Print copies and check off items as you run out.

39.  Eat real food.
Simple, unmodified, unprocessed foods are healthier, cheaper, and delicious.

40.  Quit bottled drinks... 
...including bottled water.  Install a water filter, or buy a filtering pitcher.  And soft drinks have absolutely no redeeming qualities.  They're either full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.  Give them a hard pass.

41.  Love leftovers.
Cook a double or triple batch, and have ready-made lunches or dinners for later.

42.  Make one-pot meals.
Save cooking and cleanup time.

43.  Pare dishes, cups, and cookware to what you use regularly.
Make it easier to get things out and put them away by not over-stuffing cupboards.

44.  Purge seldom-used gadgets and equipment.
Save kitchen real estate for the things you use to prepare daily meals.  The best chefs create amazing food with basic pots and implements.

45.  Keep countertops clutter-free.
Cooking is so much easier when you're not moving stuff out of the way to do it.  Declutter to make room in the drawers and cupboards for what you use and love.

46.  Don't clutter the refrigerator door.
Items stuck on the refrigerator always look chaotic, but an uncluttered refrigerator door immediately calms the kitchen.  If you love having photos, invitations, or kids' drawings where you can see them, hang a magnetic board inside a pantry door or in the family room.

47.  Organize food storage.
Clear the pantry and refrigerator of foods past their expiration date, and foods you're never going to eat.  Group foods into categories to make it easier to locate items and to prevent over-buying.

48.  Don't use the dinner table as a dumping ground.
Clear the surface to facilitate easy gathering, and make room for nourishment and connection.

49.  Clean the kitchen completely after dinner.
It doesn't really take that long.  You will really appreciate it in the morning, when you enter a kitchen that is already clean and ready for use.

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