95 Ways to Simplify Your Life - Wardrobe and Grooming

Continuing my list of ways to simplify, saving time, space, energy, or money, and bringing more serenity and satisfaction every day (find Part 1 here).

Part 2 – Wardrobe and grooming

25.  Hang up clothes, or put them in a laundry hamper, as soon as you take them off.

Keep re-wearable clothing fresher and wrinkle-free, and your room more spacious and restful.  Use chairs for sitting, not piling.

26.  Organize your clothes by category.

Hang all your trousers, skirts, or shirts together so you can quickly find what you need.

27.  Corral accessories.

Use a drawer for scarves, a rack for necklaces, or a box for rings and earrings, rather than scattering them about.

28.  Don't be a fashion victim.

Chasing trends is a waste of time and money.

29.  Know what flatters you.

Avoid accumulating a closet full of wardrobe mistakes.

30.  Choose a base color for your wardrobe.

It's so much easier to create outfits when all of your clothes go with a neutral base.  This doesn't mean your wardrobe is monochromatic, simply that everything you own goes with black, or brown, navy, khaki, denim, etc.  You could choose a different base color for each season, if you desire, but it's not necessary.

31.  Don't buy "fantasy" clothes.

If you're not a socialite, you don't need a bunch of gowns or cocktail dresses.  Reserve your closet space for stuff you actually wear.

32.  Get a simple, no-fuss haircut.

Save tons of time and aggravation every morning.

33.  Embrace your natural hair.

Straight, curly, brown, gray – accept who you really are.

34.  Keep makeup minimal, or go without.

Most of us don't need to look like supermodels.  Pare the products you use to the essentials.  You may even find that your skin improves when you put less on it.

35.  Avoid unhealthy habits.

Smoking, drugs, excessive drinking, and constant sitting will age you and ruin your health.

36.  Remember that beauty doesn't come in a bottle.

Avoid the clutter and expense of half-used "miracle" potions.  The best recipe for a fresh, healthy appearance is adequate sleep, healthy food, plenty of water, and a positive outlook.

Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers, and famous preservers of good looks.
Charles Dickens

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