Great news!  My latest book, Uncluttered: How Minimalism Helps You Create the Life of Your Dreams, is now available as an Amazon Kindle edition and as a beautiful paperback.

UPDATE March 2024

Even better news
:  The revised and expanded version of Uncluttered* is now available.

Uncluttered is a comprehensive handbook for a simpler life – not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a creative, encouraging, multi-faceted guide to help you

  • remove the stuff that's bogging you down
  • uncover a cleaner, more spacious home that welcomes and supports you
  • escape the consumer treadmill
  • overcome bad habits and practice better ones
  • highlight your favorite things and memories
  • find time for what you care about
  • discover a sense of freedom and accomplishment


You can be happier with less, and this revised and expanded edition of Uncluttered will show you how.

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