The 30-Day Habit Challenge

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A 30-day habit challenge is a commitment to a new personal habit or routine for 30 days.

The purpose of the challenge is to find out if this interesting new behavior is something that works well and improves your life.  Maybe it saves you money or time, maybe it helps you eat more healthfully or get more exercise, maybe it helps you get rid of clutter or streamline your wardrobe, or maybe it helps you be more mindful and grateful.  It may or may not become a permanent part of your life.  It's an experiment, meant to be enlightening and fun.


  1. For 30 days, eat 20 meals per week at home (eat out only once per week).
  2. For 30 days, get at least 15 minutes of extra movement every day, even if it's a stroll around the block.
  3. For 30 days, drink coffee or tea at home and stay away from the coffee shop.
  4. For 30 days, allow no snacks (chips, cookies, ice cream, etc.) into your home.
  5. For 30 days, add an extra fruit or vegetable to every meal.
  6. For 30 days, refuse to browse or shop online.  Don't even visit your usual shopping websites.  If you need something, you'll have to get dressed and leave your house to locate and purchase it.
  7. For 30 days, buy nothing except essentials (food, gas, toilet paper, etc.).  If you think of something else you need or want, or encounter it online or in a store, write it on a list, along with the date and the price.  After 30 days, evaluate the list.  Do you still want or need any items on it?  Do you still think those items are worth the price?  If you answer yes for any item, purchase it without guilt.
  8. For 30 days, choose 10 pieces of clothing to wear for work, and 10 pieces of clothing to wear for leisure.  Don't count accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes), underclothes, nightwear, or cold or wet weather gear, such as snow boots or a rain coat.  Questions to ask yourself:  How hard is it to limit myself to these pieces?  How does this impact my laundry situation?  Does anyone notice what I wear?
  9. For 30 days, declutter at least one item every day.
  10. For 30 days, accept no "freebies" (promotional brochures, pens, magnets, Happy Meal toys, etc.).
  11. For 30 days, remove all retail notifications from your phone and computer.  Remove all email and social media notifications, and only check those things at two specific times during the day.  Do you feel more focused and peaceful without constant interruptions?  Do you find it easier to refrain from unnecessary shopping without constant ads and other enticements?  Are you satisfied with your ability to engage socially when you limit the time you spend doing it?
  12. For 30 days, enjoy a screen-free period of time before bed (60 minutes, 30 minutes, or whatever suits).
  13. (For women) For 30 days, use no more than five makeup products (perhaps foundation, blush, mascara, brow pencil, and lipstick).  Questions to ask yourself:  How does this impact my morning routine?  Is there a product I really need or miss?  Does anyone notice my makeup?
  14. For 30 days, take a minute or so each morning and evening to write a list of 3-5 things for which you are grateful.  Read the list aloud to yourself as you write.  Challenge yourself to notice new blessings each time you engage in this practice.

Why not choose one of these challenges, or another that seems valuable to you, and try it for yourself?  You might find that a focused plan, for a specific length of time, is a more useful way to attempt change than the traditional New Year's resolution.

May God bless you and your loved ones in 2020!


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