Someone New to Love

Introducing... my newest grandson, Damien!

Babies epitomize maximum gratitude and minimal stuff.  They come to us with nothing but themselves, yet we are thrilled to welcome them.

My daughter is well, despite some last minute complications.  My son-in-law continues to be a kind and supportive husband and father, and my favorite little boy, my grandson Elliot, is excited to be Damien's big brother.  Love seems to fill all our hearts and overflow with thanksgiving for the new member of our family.

Damien is satisfied with so little.  

What he really wants is Mama's milk, a clean diaper, a warm blanket, and enfolding arms.

Along with his car seat, a cradle, onesies, swaddling cloths, booties, a cap for his head, a baby wrap, and maybe some diaper cream, his basic needs will be met for the first few months.  Just add smiling faces, quiet words and songs, cuddling and kisses, and you've covered the essentials!

What are our essentials... really?


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