Are You Ready For a Reset?

Updated August 2022

It's January 1:  a new year, a new decade, and a time when many people are thinking of a new start.

Now, I don't mean that your past needs to be dumped, or that you must leave your loved ones and launch into the world with nothing but a backpack.  I'm not saying you need to move house, change careers, or end relationships.

When my husband and I had to give up our house after the 2008 economic downturn, we could have decided to blame others and become bitter and mired in our own mistakes.  Instead, we chose to be thankful for the opportunity to start over and to find out how little our happiness depended on where we lived or what we owned.  We decided to reset, and it brought freedom, peace, and hope in place of the entrapment, stress, and regret we had lived with for too long.

A reset lets you get back to basics, to challenge assumptions and habits that have crept into your life.  It lets you notice and give thanks for all of the good stuff, and to start to free yourself from some not-so-good stuff.

Does your life need a reset?  One of the most wonderful things we possess is the freedom to change.  Just because you've made certain choices in the past doesn't mean you can't change your future.  Yes, there are consequences that may need to be faced, and it may sometimes be hard to see a new way forward, but rarely is there no hope at all.

If you're feeling discouraged about your diet, your fitness, your budget, the clutter in your home, or some other facet of your life, you  may not realize the strength and positive energy you possess.  It may have lain dormant for a while, overwhelmed by busyness, social media addictions, or a desire to keep up with whichever influencer you favor.

But it's there, that core of durability and your human capacity to grow and adapt.  You just need to access it.

What will you learn about yourself as you practice making changes?

  • If you live on a tighter budget, you'll discover how resourceful you can be, and how to have fun and satisfaction without spending much money.
  • If you stop using credit cards and begin to dig yourself out of debt, you'll find out how much determination you have, and experience lightness and hope as you free up resources.
  • If you take control of your health, either to exercise more, to improve your diet, or to get more sleep, you'll discover that you can, in fact, control your body and your mindset while creating more energy and vigor.
  • If you choose to give up alcohol, or cigarettes, or sugar, you'll realize that you don't need to be under the influence of anything to have – or to be – fun, relaxed, or lively.
  • If you control your shopping and stop the unregulated inflow of stuff, you'll demonstrate willpower and self-reliance.  You'll find that you're happier when you're no longer focused on what you can acquire.
  • If you reevaluate your time commitments, you can overcome your fear of missing out, rediscover a sense of purpose, and put your energy toward those pursuits that fulfill your talents and your calling.
  • If you focus on your most important relationships, you may realize that social media is sometimes helpful and often a hindrance to a happy social life, and that eye contact, touch, and trust are indispensable.

It's 2020.  Are you ready for a reset?  

Minimalism can help.


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