A Holiday Blessing

We think of Christmas as a joyous time, and strive to make it so.

But no matter our actual circumstances on December 25th, Christmas Day arrives on schedule.  It can be a desperately hard time for some people, no matter what the calendar says.  At times it has been so for me, and no doubt for you as well.

But still we want to feel our spirits lift.  So I encourage you, as the holiday approaches, to consider the things that truly make your heart soar.

  • the first light of a winter sunrise
  • the crisp, clean, fresh air
  • a robin or a cardinal on a bare winter branch
  • the aromas of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and nutmeg
  • twinkle lights on a fragrant fir tree
  • a pile of beautifully wrapped packages you've prepared to give to others
  • music!
  • smiles and laughter
  • the warmth of a quilt, a jacket, or a hug
  • firelight and candlelight

... or something else entirely!

Don't get too busy to stop and savor these things.  Slow down, breathe deeply, and take them all in.  Go stargazing, do a kindness for someone you don't know, make a phone call or write a letter.  Raise a glass to friends, family, and to those you have loved and lost.  Remember happy times, and look forward to more of them.

Peace and joy to you and yours this Christmas!

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash


  1. Nice post. Everyone of us has forgotten to cherish these little joy.

    1. Hi Zayden, and thanks for your comment. Maybe we haven't forgotten, but we get busy and distracted. A reminder is good!


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