52 Ways to Clear Clutter in Five Minutes

Think you have no time to declutter?  Do you have five minutes?

Five minutes is a commercial break.  You can scramble eggs in five minutes.  Forget those cat videos – you have five minutes!

Here's how...

Use three bags or boxes (one for garbage, one for donations, and one for items that belong somewhere else), and declutter/edit one of these areas in five minutes or less:

1.  your purse
2.  the diaper bag
3.  the medicine cabinet
4.  the bathroom counter
5.  under the bathroom sink
6.  your makeup bag
7.  your bedside table
8.  your underwear or sock drawer
9.  the coffee table
10.  magazines
11.  the top of your desk
12.  your digital desktop
13.  smartphone apps
14.  a pile of mail
15.  the top of the refrigerator
16.  the refrigerator door
17.  small kitchen appliances
18.  the silverware drawer
19.  one shelf in the pantry
20.  one shelf in the refrigerator
21.  one shelf in the linen closet
22.  one shelf of books, toys, games, DVDs, knickknacks, whatever you have on shelves!
23.  one junk drawer
24.  the inside of your car

Do one of these tasks to create a more uncluttered space in five minutes or less:

25.  make your bed
26.  load or unload the dishwasher
27.  clean the sink and wipe the counters
28.  sort and start a load of laundry
29.  fold a load of clean laundry
30.  put away folded laundry
31.  re-sew that loose button
32.  pay a bill
33.  make an "action" folder for bills to pay, permission slips, RSVPs, tax-related receipts, etc.
34.  clear out your inbox (flag important emails and delete the rest)
35.  answer an email
36.  write a thank you note
37.  check voice mail and return a call
38.  empty the garbage cans
39.  pull some weeds
40.  take bags of donations to your car

More five-minute activities to clear your head and leave you feeling refreshed and focused:

41.  meditate
42.  read from your favorite spiritual text
43.  simply close your eyes
44.  stretch
45.  make a cup of tea
46.  water your plants
47.  text a friend or family member
48.  enjoy a quick cuddle with your spouse, child, or pet
49.  write in your gratitude journal
50.  put on your favorite song and sing or dance along
51.  walk around the block
52.  sit in the sun

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