Think-Back-On-It Thursday #1 - Cheer Up, Get Close, and Try Something New

Now that I've written more than 460 posts for Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff, I'm starting to go back and revise my older writing.  And some of those older posts are really useful!

I'll admit it – I'm proud of the work I've done, and I sincerely hope you've received the benefit.  But many of you are newer readers and have never seen posts that were written in 2018, 2019, or even last summer or fall.  And if you've been a faithful reader for quite a while (thank you, by the way), you've probably forgotten.

I wrote the stuff, and I've forgotten parts of it!

So on selected Thursdays, instead of posting new content, I'm going to direct you toward posts of the past that I think are worth a re-read.  I hope you enjoy them!

cheerful lamps

14 Ways to Cheer Up, Minimalist Style, from January 14, 2019

Many of us get depressed in winter weather, and by this point are longing for signs of spring.  But meanwhile, we may eat, drink, or shop to feel better.  Here are more positive ways to bring coziness and cheer to wintry days.

The Limits of Friendship, from February 4, 2019

Social media makes us feel more connected, but trust and intimacy require proximity to develop.  Here's inspiration to spend less time on social media and more time in real life.

The Truth About Clutter, from March 1, 2019

Clutter is something we joke about (like our coffee addiction or binge-watching habits), but clutter can hijack your life and make every task harder.  Here's hope for overcoming clutter's harmful effects.

The 30-Day Habit Challenge, from December 30, 2019

Better than a typical "I need to fix my life now!" resolution, a 30-day challenge lets you focus for a limited time on one new behavior that can improve your life.  Here are 15 ideas to choose from.


  1. What a great idea to share earlier posts--you have much wisdom to share! I discovered your writings through Joshua Becker, and just today read your bio on your blog. Perhaps you're of the same generation as I am, since we seem to enjoy many of the same books, movies, music, etc. (I'm 74 & grandma to seven, who all live hundreds of miles away from me & my husband. We live in Tucson, AZ.) Thanks for showing that we can overcome old habits to make our lives better and leave less behind when we leave this world.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Kay. I'm 62 and have three grandsons, 7 and under. Fortunately they live in Sacramento, only about 45 miles away, and I'm so lucky to see them every two or three weeks!


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