The 2022 Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff Recap

Thank you, dear readers, for giving me so much appreciation and encouragement.  I've begun my 5th year of blogging, and I get more enjoyment from it each year!  Whether you've been with me from the beginning or arrived just now, I'm glad you're here.

Thank you for sharing Maximum Gratitude with your family and friends, on social media, and with links from your own websites.  This website exists because of your support, and I'm grateful for all of it.

To those of you who go the extra mile and purchase my books – you're my favorites.  You're who I think of most when I sit down to write.

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Lots of good news

Subscribers have grown by 75% since last January, which makes me happy.  This is the 106th post I've written this year, and a dozen of those posts were featured on Joshua Becker's site No, including How a Naked Table Benefits My Life Every Day.  I've also become a regular guest author on The Simplify, and the huge financial newsletter Apex, curated by J.D. Roth and Jim Wang, quoted from and directed their readers to several of my posts, including The Best Holiday Gift List I've Seen This Year.

I also published four books in 2022.  Check out my Amazon Author page for more information.

* This blog is reader-supported.  If you purchase through my links, I may earn a small commission.

Writing is fun for me, but it's also a lot of work and a challenge to my creativity and intelligence.  Without readers, it would be impossible to sustain the energy and commitment I bring to the task.  When you let me know via comments or an email ( that something I wrote made a positive difference to you, you not only make my day – you give me a reason to keep trying.

Top 7 posts in 2022 as determined by readers

We live in a world that constantly pushes for more, yet most of us have tons of excess belongings and plenty of luxuries.  Can we learn to be content with enough?

2.  6 Questions to Ask Instead of "Does It Spark Joy"

How do you declutter when so many things seem to "spark joy?"  Instead of Marie Kondo's suggestion, ask better questions to reach your clutter-free goal.

3.  End Binge and Purge: 4 Ways to Break Free of a Shopping Addiction

We aren't truly decluttering if we simply remove something whenever we buy something new.  Here's how to escape the shop 🠆 purge 🠆 shop again cycle.

4.  4 Easy Steps to Create an Attractive Minimalist Wardrobe Now

A capsule wardrobe lets you buy less clothing that you can love and wear with ease.  This 4-step process is one tool for creating a minimalist closet.

5.  Simple Clutter-Free Habits to Do in Just a Minute

Develop habits that keep clutter and grime out of your home and enjoy a relaxing, clean space with less effort.  These simple tasks take just minutes.

6.  Improve Your Day-to-Day

Experiments teach us what works or doesn't work and what we might like to make a permanent part of our lives.  See how much peace and pleasure you gain by streamlining some daily tasks.

7.  Summertime Hygge: How to Increase Happiness During the Dog Days

Create happiness today with hygge, the Danish ideal of ease and contentment.  Not just for winter, you can find comfort during long, hot summers too.  (By the way, I really enjoyed researching and writing this post.)

My personal favorite posts from 2022...

1.  How Minimalism Helps You Maximize Your Life Assets

We all possess a finite amount of money, time, energy, talent, and other life assets.  How can we make the most of them and gain the greatest happiness?  

2.  The Best Way to Clear Clutter (Plus 12 Steps to a Successful Spending Freeze)

To declutter once and for all, you must change your consumption habits and stop buying things that aren't necessary.  Here's how to resist the lure of consumerism.

fireworks on snow
3.  How to Uncover Your Treasures by Decluttering Your Keepsakes

Decluttering mementos and collections can be hard but worth it.  Enjoy a curated mixture of items as you create space and freedom for your life today and into the future.

4.  Why Your Wardrobe is Out of Control and How to Make It Better

Frustrated by your cluttered closet?  Find out why you buy so much, how to get what you need without shopping, and how to make your wardrobe workable.

Minimalism, with its promise of ease and freedom, sounds great.  But what does it actually look like, and what are some practical steps to get there?

6.  How Limits Help You Become More Creative

Abundance can block creativity, but limits enhance it.  When we curb our belongings and activities, we become more decisive, imaginative, and skilled.

7.  What Is Gratitude and Why Does It Matter?

Of course we feel thankful when something good happens.  But how can we feel hopeful and grateful when things don't go the way we want or need?

... and 3 oldies I think you'll enjoy

1.  Less is Not a Bore

A minimalist mindset helps clarify what you love and use, and accommodates many styles and tastes, including current trends like Cottagecore.

2.  How to Keep Your Friends from Enjoying the Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism may have improved your life, but trying to nag, push, or guilt someone into decluttering will only drive a wedge between you.  Here's how you can inspire change.

3.  The Minimalist Ideal in a Nutshell: Less, but Better

Wanting to "get the most for the money" leads us to buy cheap unnecessary junk because it's available, not because it's really what we desire or need.  "Less, but better" is the perfect minimalist antidote.


  1. Thanks for all the thought-provoking, interesting articles in 2022. I always enjoy what you write. Have you / will you update us on the 2022 low-shopping-year-goal results? How did it go and what are your thoughts? Thanks and happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind comment! I do have plans to share a quick update on my No Buy Year.

  2. Thanks for all your thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. I take something from all of them. Will you share more about your low-shopping year?

    1. I'm glad to hear my writing is useful to you. You inspire me to keep working! I do have plans for a quick update on my Buy Nothing Year - but maybe you missed the update I did last spring (it was after about three months of low shopping). It's here:


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