6 Simple Ways to Cozy Your Home

The holidays are behind us, but winter is still here, and we all want to feel comfortable and warm at home while the trees are bare and weather is cold.  Even without the Christmas lights and festivity, you can cozy your space for the new year. 

cozy firelight

6 elements that increase the comfort of your living space

1.  Firelight

Lucky you if you have a fireplace or woodburning stove.  Enjoy them!  But you can have the warmth of a fire in any home – just add candles.  I like a row of plain ivory pillar candles down the center of the dining table.  On the sideboard, I place tapers in brass candlesticks hand-forged by my grandfather.  Tealight candles twinkle and glow in glass holders.

2.  Vintage items

The nostalgia and warmth of an older piece can't be denied.  Whether it's heirloom furniture, a photo album on the coffee table, or maybe an old painting or Grandma's quilt, something preserved and used through the years will add instant coziness.

3.  Texture

Soft, nubby feels are especially inviting, so try a small sheepskin throw over a bench, a knitted blanket, a pretty area rug, flannel sheets on your bed, or velvety throw pillows.  If your windows are simply covered with sheer curtains or blinds, consider adding a luxurious panel with a thermal lining.  It will keep more heat in as well as adding more softness to your room.

4.  The outdoors

A bowl of foraged pinecones, a vase of eucalyptus branches, or an evergreen wreath – these aren't just for Christmas, but add freshness and rustic homeyness all winter.

5.  Old-fashioned entertainment

I'm not talking about the TV – in fact, its bluish light is the opposite of cozy.  Instead:

  • Place favorite board games near at hand, perhaps setting up a wooden chess or checker set on the coffee table.  
  • If you have musical instruments, play them and display them.  
  • Draw, color, or paint.
  • Knit or crochet – the epitome of cozy!
  • Add a small bookshelf, and choose longtime favorites as well as a few new books (they can be from the library) to tempt you to spend time reading.  (Again, an e-reader just doesn't have the coziness factor.)

6.  Scent.

Forget those fake, chemically scented candles and air fresheners.  Fragrant stew or chili bubbling on the stove, chicken roasting or cookies baking in the oven – these scents will make your house smell amazing and cozy with no additional effort.  

If you aren't doing any home cooking today, no problem.  Use your slow cooker to simmer a few grocery items for a fresh, spicy fragrance you'll love.

Cozy Slow Cooker Potpourri

You will need:

2 oranges, sliced thick
1 apple, cut in half
3 cinnamon sticks
2 teaspoons whole cloves
2 sprigs fresh rosemary (optional, but wonderful)
8 cups water

Heat all ingredients in a 4-5 quart slow cooker with the lid on until warm and steamy, 
then remove the lid and continue to simmer on low.  
(Note:  Don't leave the house with the lid off.)

Make your home a haven of comfort, and you'll always look forward to being there!

Updated July 2023


  1. Please do not write that e-readers are not cozy. The benefits are tremendous. E-readers are the very definition of being minimalistic. Kindle books are cheaper, all books are available at same place, they do not take up any space at home, we never lose our copy and can even pass them down to our kids so they can enjoy too without buying them again, therefore saving time, not to mention, kindle books save trees. Kindly do not romanticize the idea of reading from hardcover or paperback only. I fell in love with Kindle books and I realized that more and more people are now gravitating towards it. They should be.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for reading and commenting. I agree that e-readers have a lot of benefits, but to me they aren't "cozy." Just my opinion. My "keep forever" books are all hardcovers -- most I've had for a decade or two or longer, and they're classics. Most of my newer books are ebooks which I read on my phone with a Kindle app.

      In one sense "e-readers are the very definition of being minimalistic," as you say. But minimalism makes room for the things we value, and for me that includes the books that fit on one bookshelf in my home.

      If you feel cozy curled up with your e-reader, fantastic! Enjoy.


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