We Need Grace

What is "grace," and what makes it essential to a good life?

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"Grace" has the same root as "gracias."

When we say grace, we're thankful.  We pause, notice, and appreciate.  By focusing on all that is good in our lives, we crowd out more negative thoughts.  So by practicing gratitude, our blessings seem to multiply.

When we're gratified, we experience satisfaction.  Our needs and wishes have been met, and we are content with what we have.

When we're gracious, we give.  We're generous, not envious.  We're forgiving, not petty.  We experience bounty, potential, and optimism rather than deprivation, lack, or defeatism.  We see and celebrate all that we have, instead of focusing on and lamenting what we don't have.  We experience contentment, and we look for ways to share our blessings.

When we congratulate, we overflow with happiness for another person.  We rejoice because of another person's accomplishment or reward.  It's the ultimate expression of the Golden Rule.

When we're graceful, we have poise.  We're calm.  We "lighten up."  We're not drama queens.  We don't take things personally or hold grudges.  We don't imagine or dwell on all that could go wrong, yet we are prepared to deal with bumps in the road by being flexible and resilient.  We accept that we're not perfect or in control of all outcomes.  We focus on what we can control (our own choices, thoughts, and reactions) and try not to fret about the things we can't (other people and external events).

When we receive grace, we acknowledge that we continually benefit from the kindness and wisdom of others.  We're aware of the many privileges we enjoy just by being born when and where we were born, into the families that nurtured us.  We don't think of those advantages as something we earned or deserve, but as generous gifts, and we accept the responsibility to bless others because we have been blessed.  We embrace personal growth.  We remain humble.

We all need more grace.

May all my readers in the United States enjoy a grace-filled Thanksgiving Day!

Updated December 2022


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