Think-Back-On-It Thursday #10 - Why Minimalism?

Amazingly, I've written more than 500 posts for Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff, and I'm in the process of revising my older writing.  I'm happy to notice that some of those older posts are really interesting and useful.

But many of you are newer readers and have never seen posts that were written in 2018, 2019, or even last summer or fall.  And if you've been a faithful reader for quite a while (thank you), you've probably forgotten.  I wrote the stuff, and I've forgotten parts of it!

It's worth visiting what we've written, read, or thought before, as both a reminder and for new insights.  So on selected Thursdays, instead of posting new content, I'm going to direct you toward posts of the past that I think are worth a re-read.

freedom of minimalism

What's your inspiration?

What inspires people to consider minimalism?  There are a lot of events and wakeup calls that can do it.  Something brought you here, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to encourage and enlighten you on your minimalist journey.

Today's posts detail different reasons people start down the minimalist path, and some of the directions their journeys take.

The Lightbulb Moment, from January 17, 2022

A move, a new baby, retirement, or a Saturday spent cleaning out the garage may change your outlook, push you to evaluate, and inspire a choice for minimalism.  Here is Denise's story.

6 Reasons Why I'm a Minimalist, from January 10, 2022

Research shows that minimalism has many emotional, social, and financial benefits over consumerism.  I want a lot out of life, and minimalism makes it all possible.

Cultivating Purpose, from March 18, 2022

Excitement about your life doesn't come from buying new stuff or passively consuming pre-packaged entertainment.  It's active, creative, and purposeful.

6 Ways Minimalism Gives Us More Time to Love, from February 11, 2022

The more we own, the bigger our commitment to what we have to take care of.  Minimalism means we can use that time and energy to do something more valuable and fulfilling.

Do you feel like you need a "cheat sheet," something small and simple to keep you engaged in your decluttering journey?  My new book, Decluttering: The Simple Guide from A to Z, might be the roadmap you've been looking for.  Bite-size tips and tutorials help you achieve the larger, cleaner, more organized home of your dreams.  I hope you'll order a copy for yourself or a friend today.

Coming next week:  Volume 2 in my "Minimalist Basics" series:  Minimalism 1-2-3: Simple Steps to a Better Life.


  1. Too bad this is only available on the A place… I have NEVER bought ANYTHING on Amazon, and NEVER will. A very dangerous thing, a monopoly. Control of the Marketplace means prices go up, and non-profitable goods will disappear, as will the local Ma ‘n’ Pa stores. Count me out.

    1. Your choice, of course. I'm sorry I can't accommodate everyone. Amazon has made it possible for me to publish at no financial risk to me. So I guess I and all the other self-published authors on Amazon (thousands of us) are the new "Ma 'n' Pa".


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