Think-Back-On-It Thursday #2 - Limits, Purpose, and Habits

Now that I've written more than 460 posts for Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff, I'm starting to go back and revise my older writing.  And some of those older posts are quite useful.

But many of you are newer readers and have never seen posts that were written in 2018, 2019, or even last summer or fall.  And if you've been a faithful reader for quite a while (thank you, by the way), you've probably forgotten.  I wrote the stuff, and I've forgotten parts of it!

It's worth revisiting what we've written, read, or thought before, as both a reminder and for new insights.  So on selected Thursdays, instead of posting new content, I'm going to direct you toward posts of the past that I think are worth a re-read.  I hope you find value in them.

the road ahead

Love Limits, from September 9, 2019

We think freedom means no limits, but limits are essential for a happy life.  Minimalism doesn't set limits, but it helps you find the ones that are just right for you.

Three Sentences to Describe Your Wonderful Life, from November 11, 2019

Are the things you care about getting the time and energy they deserve, or are you putting your efforts toward things that don't ultimately matter?  Here's a small but important project to help you live according to your deepest desires.

Just Start – Become Who You Want to Be With New Habits, from November 18, 2019

Many of us were nagged into at least a few good habits as children (thanks, Mom!), but as adults we need to be able to "nag" ourselves if we want to change.  Tiny, consistent habits can keep clutter at bay, help us get out of debt, improve our health, or anything else that matters to us.  (By the way, this post has links to several other articles that I think you'll enjoy!)

Want to help the kids in your life learn to choose what matters and remove what gets in the way?  To create more focus for homework and more time for play and creativity?  To realize how lucky they are and how much they have to share?

My newest book, Clutter-Free Kids: A 10-Step Guide to Help You Take Control of Your Own Space* is available now in both Kindle and paperback editions.  It's written for kids 6-14, but honestly, it makes living a clutter-free life accessible for anyone.

* This blog is reader-supported.  If you buy through my links, I may earn a small commission.


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