I Can Help You Take Control of Your Stuff

A young boy is growing up in a house that contains a lot of stuff.  There's plenty of evidence that Americans have a clutter problem, and when you walk into this home, you see it manifested.

The adults in this house either don't want to get rid of things or don't know how.  But the young boy questions the way his family lives.  Out of curiosity – or frustration – he wants to know if this is the way a home is supposed to look and feel.

Home can be happier.

The boy visits another home and sees that not everyone lives with so many things.  Not everyone has a house where you don't want to invite your friends over, or you don't have a comfortable place to eat a meal, or the floor is always covered with toys, shoes, discarded jackets, baskets of laundry, or cartons of bulk buys from Costco.

The boy begins to realize that the clutter in his home is a barrier to the kind of life he, and maybe his family as well, would like to have.  He's very young, but already he wants to know how to create the space he longs for.

I wrote my newest book, Clutter-Free Kids,* for children like this boy – and for their parents.  Clutter-Free Kids is for children who want to have some control over their environment and more confidence that the people who live in their home are more important than the stuff that has overrun it.

Clutter-Free Kids can help kids take control of their own rooms and their own stuff, and this might just ripple out into the rest of the house.  And for parents who are beginning their own minimalist journey, Clutter-Free Kids offers just the kind of clear, encouraging, bite-size guidance they might be craving as well.

With this book, I teach kids 6-14 that they can

  • learn to choose what matters and remove what gets in the way
  • create more focus for homework and other responsibilities, and more time for play and creativity
  • practice habits to keep clutter from returning
  • realize how lucky they really are and how much they have to share with others
  • think about how they want their room to feel and how to make it look like their favorite place to be

Clutter-Free Kids has been tested, reviewed, and approved by some of my husband's 6th grade students.  I hope you'll get a copy for your child, yourself, or someone you know.

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