Simple Money

Contrary to what so many people think, minimalism doesn't mean lack and deprivation.  Minimalism is a tool that helps us find happiness by steering us in the direction of what we truly desire.

Physical clutter can be obvious: that unused treadmill, those stacked up boxes, or the pile of knickknacks, mail, and remotes on the coffee table.  But financial clutter, such as debt, overspending, and a fuzzy understanding of what we owe and where our money goes can be much less apparent.  When we let go of financial clutter, we create more resources to accomplish the things we really care about.

money and growth

Introducing my newest book! 

It's called Simple Money: Achieve Financial Peace and Abundance with Minimalism,* and it's available now on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.  (Amazon's Kindle editions can be read on any phone, tablet, or computer with their free app.)

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I'm not a financial planner or investment guru.  I grew up knowing I would have to work and figure out how to pay for the things I needed.  I've budgeted and run the accounts for our household, both when we were underwater on our mortgage and overburdened with credit card debt, and as we have climbed out of that situation to a life of abundance.

Simple Money can help you:

  • discover your money beliefs and how they influence your financial decisions
  • buy less and demolish debt
  • make a budget that lets you meet your needs and find a way to afford your desires
  • feel empowered, not poor, as you control your spending
  • increase enjoyment and satisfaction without spending much money
  • and more!

We work too hard to wonder where all our money went.

Life is better when we use money to achieve our dreams, and Simple Money can help you along the way.


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