The Declutter Dare

You can declutter 100 things in one hour.

Yes, you really can!  Here's how.

Choose some of the following areas you'd like to focus on (or come up with your own) so you don't have to waste time deciding where to start.  List them in an order that moves smoothly through your home.  Grab bags for trash and boxes for donations, put on some great music, set your timer, and GO!

  • 10 things from the bathroom such as old makeup, products you tried but didn't like, décor that clutters the counter.
  • 20 things from the kitchen like chipped plates or glasses, the pressure cooker you're afraid of, unused specialty gadgets, refrigerator magnets, corporate giveaway cups.
  • 10 things from your bureau, for example: stretched-out underwear or bras, orphan socks, that nightgown you never wear.
  • 20 things from your closet such as clothes that are stained or faded, that don't fit, that your sister gave you when she cleaned out her own closet.  Don't forget shoes that give you blisters and the outerwear you won't need unless you move back to Minnesota.
  • 10 things from your computer starting with blurry photos, junk email, bookmarks for websites you never visit anymore.
  • 10 things from your car like extra travel mugs, empty water bottles, the broken umbrella, old receipts, forgotten junk that has migrated under the seats.
  • 10 things from the linen closet, for example: the bedspread you replaced two years ago but kept "just in case," stained or frayed towels that could be donated to an animal shelter.
  • 20 things from your TV/family room such as old game consoles, videos and games your children have outgrown, the second couch, TV trays.
  • 10 things from the living room like extraneous throw pillows, décor you don't love, the uncomfortable chair no one sits in.
  • 10 things from your book shelves, for example: last year's bestsellers, books you bought but have never read, classics you think you should read but don't really want to.
  • 10 things from your home office starting with the dead printer, the pile of rubber bands, last year's appointment calendar, the filing cabinet that's empty since you digitized most records and shredded the rest.
  • 20 things from your hobby room like dried markers, scrapbooking tools you haven't used in years, the cross stitch sampler meant for your baby nephew (he's 10), anything that makes you feel guilty and keeps you from creating something new.
  • 20 things from your child's room such as clothes she's outgrown and toys she doesn't play with, torn books, broken crayons, freebie junk.
  • 20 things from storage starting with exercise equipment you used twice, the 1960s tent and sleeping bags passed down from your dad, and baby equipment you have no intention of using again.

I've actually listed 200 things, so you don't have to work in all of these areas to enjoy a quick decluttering success.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just one hour.  Celebrate your lighter, freer life!


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