A Handmade Christmas

There's still time to hand make gifts for Christmas!

Several of the following projects can be finished in a couple of hours while you're watching a holiday movie.  Some can be done by your kids or with their help.  All are useful or will be used up, so they won't contribute to anyone's clutter.

For the family
  • Using large needles and chunky yarn, knit or crochet a cozy throw.  If you're not sure of an appropriate color, choose ivory.
  • Gather quart-size glass jars and grocery store ingredients for homemade bean soup mix or cookie mix.
  • Roll up some beeswax candles.
  • Tie a fleece blanket.
  • Create a wall calendar using Shutterfly

For Her
  • Knit or crochet a soft and cozy scarf or shawl with variegated Red Heart Unforgettable yarn.
  • Mix up some sugar body scrub.
  • Sew some therapeutic hot/cold rice packs.
  • Embellish a sweatshirt (there are hundreds more ideas online).
  • Make a laminated bookmark with your own art, a poem, dried flowers, or even embroidery.  Give it along with a favorite book. 

For Him

For Kids
  • Knit or crochet a warm hat in chunky Premier Sweet Roll yarn.
  • Collect tree branches to make a set of blocks.  Add a few Schleich animals who can live in the structures created with the blocks.
  • Use scrapbook supplies to embellish a plain notebook for a personalized journal.  Include a pack of gel pens with your gift.
  • Paint a rock, or a family of rocks.  Put together a kit so they can paint their own.
  • Pack a dress-up kit in an old suitcase.  Visit a thrift store (or your own closet) for items such as costume jewelry, scarves or bandanas, a tutu, a plastic tiara, an old white dress shirt, an old leather vest, an eye patch, hats, a plastic sword, a black cape, a wand, old sunglasses, a belt, a feather boa, an apron, purses and play money, an old lace tablecloth, whatever you can find that seems fun!

We give gifts to show our love, right?  Making a gift with time and care adds even more value for your recipient.  So get creative today! 


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