Is Minimalist Right for You? Find Out Today with My Free Quiz

Are you curious about minimalism and wondering if it would be a good lifestyle for you?  Lots of people are exploring the idea and talking about the benefits, and you'd like to know if it's something you should consider. 

Fortunately, you've come to the right place.  I've designed a quiz that will help you decide.  Simply write down the first answer that comes to mind for each question.

So grab a pen and paper and jot down yes or no as your response.  It will take only a few minutes to learn whether minimalism has anything valuable to offer you.


The minimalist quiz

1.  Would you like a calmer, more spacious home?

If serenity and breathing room are important to you, write yes.

2.  Do you wish you had more free time?

If the idea of having a few extra hours is attractive, say yes.

3.  Would you enjoy having more money in the bank?

Not everyone cares about owing less and saving more, but if that appeals to you, choose yes.

4.  Would you like to reduce your stress levels?

If less stress sounds lovely, that's a yes.

5.  Would you like to feel more satisfied with life?

If your goal is to find joy and contentment, consider a yes answer.

6.  Would you like a home that reflects your personal style and priorities?

Maybe you like to follow trends and designs chosen by other people, but indicate a yes if you'd rather express yourself.

7.  Are you tired of competing and comparing yourself with others?

If you'd like to reduce your fear and envy, your answer is yes.

8.  Do you aspire to be more mindful?

If you'd like to pay more attention so the details and experiences of each day don't blur into one another, mark yes.

9.  Do you desire stronger personal relationships?

If deeper connections to your loved ones would improve your life, respond with a yes.

10.  Do you dream of finding your purpose?

Some people don't care about goals and intentions, but if you do, jot down yes.

Check your answers.

If you said yes to zero questions, minimalism probably isn't right for you.

If you said yes to one or more questions, congratulations!  Here's why you should explore minimalism:

  • More space:  Less stuff means more room.
  • More time:  Fewer items means less cleaning and organizing.  You can also create a schedule that fits your priorities.
  • More money:  Minimalism reduces unnecessary shopping and encourages thoughtful spending.
  • Less stress:  A decluttered home removes chaos and overwhelm.
  • More satisfaction:  Minimalism helps us realize that we are blessed with enough.
  • Personal style:  A home with fewer but deeply meaningful items reflects your uniqueness.
  • Less competition:  Minimalism frees you from the scarcity mindset that makes you selfish and greedy.
  • Mindfulness:  Fewer distractions lead to greater focus.
  • Stronger relationships:  Less time managing stuff equals more time to be together.
  • More purpose:  With less stuff and more time, you have more opportunity to discover and pursue what inspires you.

The minimalist road map

If you discovered today that minimalism is right for you, I want to help you take the first steps in that direction.  Here are some free resources that will let you begin the journey:


My Minimalist Basics series (6 books)* is much more than a guide to tidying up.  It explores life with less clutter, busyness, debt, and stress.  It arms you with practical strategies to identify and make room for the people, activities, and belongings that really matter to you, while minimizing everything else.  You'll discover:

  • how to keep clutter from reappearing
  • how slowing down and doing less makes you so much more productive
  • how intentional spending preserves your life energy
  • how a curated wardrobe helps you discover your personal style and self-confidence
  • how elaborate storage solutions actually hide and encourage clutter
  • how gratitude crowds out negative emotions
  • how fewer mementos help you enjoy more memories
  • how limits increase freedom

... and so much more!  The Minimalist Basics series can help you find the life you want, with less stuff to distract you from it.

* This blog is reader-supported.  If you buy through my links, I may earn a small commission.


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