Minimalism Isn't Magic (but it can help change your life)

Want to change your life?  Minimalism can help.  A lot.  But you're the one who will do the work. 

Don't get me wrong – minimalism can do amazing things for you.  It can help you get more control of the scattered pieces of your life.  It can help you find more time for what really matters, and more money for the things you really care about.  Minimalism can help you save your energy and focus for your most important goals.

But this isn't a process that happens overnight.  Simply getting rid of your clutter won't make it happen.  Minimalism isn't a magic cure for everything that's out of whack.

Butterflies in chrysalis

4 truths about minimalism

1.  Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff in your house?

Houses don't declutter themselves.  Minimalism can guide you as you reduce the chaos, but you have to do the work.  In fact, continually reading about decluttering could keep you from getting started decluttering!

So start today.  Right now.  Take five minutes and do one of these decluttering tasks.  Then do another one.  My book, Uncluttered,* is an encouraging, comprehensive handbook, but you have to put its advice into practice.

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2.  Are you in debt or living paycheck to paycheck?

Minimalism won't magically pay the bills or increase your income.  You have to do the work to lower your expenses, pay off debt, and change how (and how often) you shop.

But as you practice these new habits, you'll start to feel differently about money.  Minimalism helps you think less about acquiring and upgrading your stuff, and more about the simple pleasures you can enjoy every day.  Soon you'll realize that you already have enough.

3.  Are you run ragged by a super-demanding schedule?

Minimalism can't streamline your schedule for you.  You'll have to make choices, since no one can do everything (certainly not all at once).  Sometimes we tell ourselves that we must do a thing, when what we're really avoiding is that all-important word noNo is hard to say when we're driven by fear – fear of letting someone down, losing an opportunity, or being different.

Minimalism reminds you that time is a precious and finite resource, but you have to be brave enough to let yourself slow down and focus.

4.  Are you feeling stuck or directionless in your life?

Minimalism isn't an oracle that will reveal your purpose or your path.  You could declutter down to essentials and pay off every bit of debt and still not know how to make your life valuable and fulfilling.

But minimalism can give you more time to do that inner work.  It can give you the freedom to take a chance.  When you take steps to simplify your life, you may figure out how to make it better.

Minimalism is a beautiful idea.

But achieving and living with that idea can be a challenging path that might not lead directly to your bliss.

Sometimes we allow chaos into our lives for a reason.  Wall-to-wall clutter, a crazy busy schedule, and constant concerns about money may be giving us something to focus on besides ourselves.  Once we remove the chaos, there's nothing to hide behind, and those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings – the ones we'd rather not have to deal with – come bubbling up.

This is a good thing, but it can be scary.

Inner minimalism

monarch butterfly
Of all the possible results of minimalism, the one I find most amazing is what can develop inside of you.

Through the process of selecting what you value and letting go of what you don't, you get better at making decisions and acting on them, which expands your self-confidence.  As you keep asking questions about what you want in your life, you start to understand yourself and the direction you want to go.  You realize that your life is about more than accumulating possessions or checking items off a bucket list, and you start to have bigger ideas about what you'd like to accomplish.

Minimalism reveals who you are.  It's a process of self-actualization.

As you gain this insight, you pay more attention to all of the good things in your life, and you want to savor and enjoy them to the fullest.  Gratitude grows and fills you with joy.

Wow.  That's pretty life-altering.

Are you ready for a change?  Minimalism won't solve all of your problems, but it can give you a mindset and the energy to start tackling them yourself.  Minimalism isn't magic, but it's a useful tool and a good guide.  Why not start the journey today?

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Minimalism isn't magic, but it can do amazing things.  Our society bombards us with messages about how we need this or that product to find happiness.  Pretty soon, a different message says that now we need this other, newer, supposedly better thing to be really happy.  And that pursuit never ends.

Over and over again, studies show that it's not our belongings that make us happy, or even secure.  Instead, relationships, experiences, and what we've learned make all the difference.  We pay lip service to this truth, but need determination to actually live it.

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