8 Strategies to Do the Things You Have to Do

Minimalists talk often about reducing your schedule to create margin and leave time and energy for what you care about most.  But sometimes there are things we wouldn't choose, but simply must do regardless.  Whether it's a prior commitment we must continue to honor, or an unavoidable issue that must be handled whether we care to or not, these tasks present themselves and we must show up. 

This is already an extra-busy time of year.  How should we deal with the jobs we don't want to do, but must?

time passing

8 tips to get the job done

1.  Commit to doing your best.

It might not be your choice to be so occupied, but decide to make the result one you can be proud of.

2.  Don't procrastinate.

Leaving things until the last minute simply adds stress and anxiety when you have to eventually perform.

3.  Break the task into smaller steps.

Since you're not procrastinating, you have time to proceed in an orderly, bite-sized fashion.  It's hard to detest a job too much when you only have to work at it for a short while at a time.  This also gives you a chance to rethink and fix errors, rather than having them pile up or make you careless as you near completion.

4.  Make space in another area until the must-do task is completed.

Temporarily drop another commitment or hobby (don't worry – you can come back to it).  Be wary of how you use your time in front of screens, especially TV and social media.

5.  Declutter.

Removing clutter in your home makes every task easier.  The less you own, the fewer messes are possible and the easier (and faster) maintenance becomes.

6.  Ask for help, if appropriate.

Reduce the burden you don't want to be carrying.

7.  Celebrate each section you accomplish.

Pat yourself on the back for the progress you've made, and enjoy the fact that you're closer to being finished.

8.  Think ahead.

As much as you're able, control your choices going forward.  Understand yourself and your goals and desires better so you wind up with fewer dreaded tasks.

Remember kindness.

Whatever you do, extend yourself some grace.  Let your self-talk be as kind as it would be to a friend, and you'll find it easier to bring your best to every task.


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