Think-Back-On-It Thursday #6 - Mother's Day

Now that I've written more than 480 posts for Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff, I'm in the process of revising my older writing. And some of those older posts are quite useful.

But many of you are newer readers and have never seen posts that were written in 2018, 2019, or even last summer or fall. And if you've been a faithful reader for quite a while (thank you, by the way), you've probably forgotten. I wrote the stuff, and I've forgotten parts of it.

mother and child

It's worth visiting what we've written, read, or thought before, as both a reminder and for new insights. So on selected Thursdays, instead of posting new content, I'm going to direct you toward posts of the past that I think are worth a re-read.

For Mother's Day, I've rounded up posts about establishing habits, having fun at home, taming toy clutter, and the importance of protecting children from rampant consumerism. Even if your own kids are grown, you might want to pass these posts along to someone who might find them useful.

Why Minimalism is the Best Choice for Your Kids, from January 17, 2020

If you want "only the best" for your kids or grandkids, you need to know what the best is. Having fewer toys reduces clutter and stress, saves time for family togetherness, increases creativity, nurtures a healthy self-image, and teaches positive values.

Action is the Foundational Key to All Success, from July 10, 2020

Unfortunately, we can't wish our way to thinness, fitness, or a clutter-free home. Change is hard because it requires many small choices made over and over (and over). Here's some inspiration to begin.

The Joy of Missing Out: 30 Activities That Make Staying in Fun, from July 24, 2020

When we're rushed and stressed by trying to do it all, we don't do anything well. So enjoy a little JOMO with these great stay-at-home activities, from stargazing and film festivals to virtual museum tours and relaxing lavender baths.

How to Conquer Toy Clutter, from October 29, 2021

Kids don't need a houseful of toys to have creative fun, and it's easier to remain clean, sane, and peaceful with fewer items. Here are 12 easy steps to tame the toys.

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