50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter

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"There must be 50 ways to leave your clutter."  Isn't that how the song goes?  

Well, maybe not.  But it's true anyway.  There are at least 50 ways to declutter (here are 10, and here are 10 more).

Maybe the real question isn't how to declutter, but why.  Unlike 25 or so years ago, when I first started getting interested in minimalism, people know what you mean when you talk about "decluttering."  Everyone's doing it.  It's trendy, and there's a perfect storm of reasons for that.

Many people agree that decluttering brings peace and clarity, that living with less saves money and maybe the planet, and that streamlined spaces and electronics are just so cool-looking.

But minimalism is not about decluttering.

Decluttering is only the first step toward a minimalist life.

I know a lot of you come here for inspiration and ideas about decluttering, which is why I regularly write about it.  And that's great.  But decluttering just to get rid of stuff is pointless, especially if you're just going to go back out and buy new stuff.  I know, because I've been there, decluttering over and over because I just kept consuming.

But let's say you've moved beyond that.  You're starting to challenge these materialist messages of our culture:

  • What you own represents how successful you are.
  • Your busyness is an indication of your worth.
  • What you always need is more.

"Less is more" isn't just a catchy phrase to you, but a true description of a better way of life.

Minimalism makes it possible for us to free ourselves from the lies of materialism and finally do more than pay lip service to the idea that the things that make us happy are not things.  Getting rid of stuff you don't need has made room for something more important.

As you become minimalist, you take control of your life and give it direction.  What that means is up to you to decide.  Now that you're not chasing the latest and greatest stuff, you have the opportunity to decide what is really worth your time, talents, and energy.

What will you do with the new possibilities that are before you?

And what about those 50 ways?  With apologies to Paul Simon...

There must be 50 ways to leave your clutter.

Just put it in a sack, Jack,
Load it on a van, Stan,
Don't need all those toys, Roy,
Oh listen to me.
Give it to Goodwill, Bill,
Sell it on eBay, May,
Recycle what you can, Fran,
And get yourself free.

Put it in a box, Knox,
Take it to the car, Lamar,
Simplify your space, Grace,
Come on and listen to me.
Just keep what you need, Reid,
No need to debate the deed!
Don't let yourself wait, Kate,
You'll set yourself free.

© Karen Trefzger 2021

Well, I'm no poet, but I hope you got a laugh, anyway.

If you like this post, you might like my book, Uncluttered: How Minimalism Helps You Create the Life of Your Dreams.*

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  1. Love it! My Dave enjoyed it, too.

  2. I think you are clever! Now when I’m working on decluttering, you know what song I will be humming!

    1. The tune certainly sticks in your mind, doesn’t it? Thanks for your kind comment.


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