Ready for a Fresh Start

I think we're all ready to start a new year, with the hope that the issues of 2020 that have plagued us will be resolved in 2021.

But I'm sure we have hopes in other areas of life as well.  If you're reading this blog, I'm guessing you want a life of clarity and purpose, a lifestyle that isn't bogged down by inessentials.  You want inspiration and know-how to simplify your home, your schedule, your family life, your wardrobe, your diet, your online life, or something else.  And you want to do it with positivity and gratitude every day.

hope for the new year

I need your input.

Please tell me, either in a comment below or by emailing me ( how or if Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff is helpful to you.  What am I doing well?  And more importantly, what do you struggle with?  Which of your problems have I not helped you solve?

How can I add more value to your life, and make it worthwhile for you to read and subscribe to this blog?

I'd like to make a fresh start in January with posts that help you with your most pressing questions, as well as sharing the situations that give me the most difficulty.  I want to write about how you can find more contentment and joy every day, as well as what encourages me toward peace and satisfaction.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.  Enjoy the dwindling days of December as you anticipate turning the page on a new year.  Bless you!



  1. You mostly encourage me to keep traveling the path of minimalism. Thank you!

  2. I am a fairly new subscriber, and I have to tell you that of all the bloggers I follow, you are my absolute favorite. All of your posts are relevant, inspiring, and thought provoking. I am on a quest to have more meaningful relationships with family, friends and nature, and you are helping me along this path. Keep doing exactly what you are doing!

    1. Kathy, thank you! I will keep talking about relationships and about our need for regular contact with nature (and our mandate to care for all of nature). I appreciate your kind comments.
      Merry Christmas!

  3. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to the posts. What would help me are "challenges". Easy things that we are encouraged to do, just once a day, and help with accountability. My life is exceedingly busy and I have the best intentions of getting a closet cleaned or emptying a drawer. Sometimes I manage to get it done. But a "Hey, if you have extra yarn, why not give five skeins to goodwill today" kind of encouragement would go a long way for me. Kind of a treasure hunt/minimize challenge.

    Hope you find that helpful. I enjoy your content no matter what you write about!

    1. I like "challenges" too. I get weird ideas like trying to dress for a month with only 10 pieces of mix-and-match clothing (which actually went pretty well). I have other ideas too -- I'll definitely keep writing about them as we go forward into the new year. Thanks for your comment, and Merry Christmas!

  4. Your writing always touches me. I would change none of the content, but perhaps update your visual presentation, esp your website, which comes across (on a PC) as a little cluttered.

    Also, I feel like your books did not receive the attention they deserved. Perhaps find a way to promote them more? Not sure how to do that, so ignore if not practicable!

    1. Hi Bette, and thanks for your useful comments. I will definitely consider how I might "declutter" the look of my site -- it's actually something I've been thinking about. And thank you for believing that my books deserve more attention! I need to learn more about how to promote them. Drawing more readers to my blog would be one way to do that, so if you'd like to point your friends and family toward this site, I'd appreciate it.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and Merry Christmas!


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