A minimalist home doesn't need to be a tiny white box with one piece of modern art and a mattress on the floor.  Minimalist style is all about finding your essentials and removing the excess, and that looks different for everyone.  These articles will get you started.

1.  15 Proven Tips to Make Life in a Small Home Pleasant

2.  10 Steps to a Stylish, Comfortable Home with a Lot Less Stuff

But all the magic I've ever known, I had to make myself.

Shel Silverstein

3.  House Beautiful

4.  Home Improvement

5.  Less is Not a Bore

6.  Una Bella Vita (A Beautiful Life)

7.  Home Tweaks for the New Year

8.  Happier Home, Happier You Part 1

9.  Happier Home, Happier You Part 2

10.  Minimalism is Full of Possibilities

11.  A Minimalist Decorates

12.  Turn Off HGTV

13.  Cherished Collections

14.  Why You Need to Start Death Cleaning Today

A good home must be made, not bought.

Joyce Maynard

15.  9 Simple Steps to Lighten and Renew Your Home By Undecorating

16.  Minimalist Furniture to Stand the Test of Time

17.  How Many Tee Shirts Should a Minimalist Own?

18.  One Simple Choice to Reduce Waste This Holiday and Forever


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