From "How do I deal with my spouse's/roommate's clutter?" to "How can I be a minimalist parent when my kid has the 'gimmes'?" this collection of articles tackles the sometimes difficult questions about minimalism and your relationships.  What it boils down to, of course, is love – but here's some practical advice for showing your love in those challenging situations.

1.  How to Keep Your Friends From Enjoying the Benefits of Minimalism

2.  Other People's Clutter

3.  Would You Rather...

4.  20 Ways to Increase Your Happiness By Being Kind

Actions speak louder than words.

6.  Happiness Is Love

7.  More Time to Love

8.  One Simple Piece of Relationship Advice

9.  Magic in Your Mailbox

10.  Why Minimalism is Better for Kids

11.  How to Be a Minimalist Parent

12.  Kids, Christmas, and Minimalism

13.  How to Make Your Holiday More About Experiences and Less About Gifts

14.  This Holiday, Dispense Spiritual WD-40

15.  Friendship Worth the Name

16. The Limits of Friendship 


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