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If you like my blog, I think you'll love my books.  

In each of them, I've edited and reorganized content I wrote for the blog, then added even more thoughts and ideas.  The end results are full of information and inspiration for a minimalist life marked by purpose and gratitude.

Each book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.  (With a free app, you can read Kindle books on any device, including your laptop, tablet, or phone.)  Click on the embedded links to read free samples!

First, I'd like to introduce Minimalism for the Holidays: Simplify Your Celebration for Greater Meaning and Joy (paid link).  It's not even Halloween, but Christmas items are in the stores.  Are you dreaming of a simpler Christmas?  One without canned music, packed parking lots, relentless ads, and ridiculous wish lists?  Have you had it with crazy schedules, plastic snowmen, and way too many cookies?  You're not a Scrooge, but you definitely want a holiday with less greed, less clutter, less stress, and more love, more meaning, and more peace.

We may think that buying something will make up for some of the disappointments of 2020, or that it will at least make us feel better about them, so we might be tempted to go crazy for Christmas.  But we know in our hearts that there are things far more rewarding than a bunch of new stuff.

This revised and expanded edition of my original Minimalism for the Holidays can be your guide to remove clutter and prepare your home for Christmas, budget money and time for maximum satisfaction, deal gracefully with difficult relationships and sad memories, discover that the most wonderful parts of the season have nothing to do with gifts, and much more!

Simple Money: Achieve Financial Peace and Abundance with Minimalism (paid link)  Physical clutter can be obvious, but financial clutter, such as debt, over-spending, and a fuzzy understanding of what we owe and where our money goes can be much less apparent.  When we let go of financial clutter, we create more resources to accomplish the things we really care about.

Simple Money can help you:
  • discover your money beliefs and how they influence your financial decisions
  • buy less and demolish debt
  • create a budget that lets you meet your needs and find a way to afford your desires
  • feel empowered, not poor, as you control your spending
  • increase enjoyment and satisfaction without spending money
  • and more!
We work too hard to wonder where all our money went.  Life is better when we use money to achieve our dreams, and Simple Money can help you along the way.

Resilient: How Minimalism Helps You Cope With the Challenges of Life (paid link), was written in response to the difficulties we face this year, as all of us are struggling to meet the situation presented by COVID-19.  This book has practical action tips, but it is also about mindset, and the power we humans have to learn and adapt to new situations.  During these challenging times, and when we encounter any of life's difficulties, hope and resilience are our allies.

Since it's hard to be patient or flexible when we're locked into frantic schedules and hemmed in by clutter, simplifying is the way to move forward.  In order to find the freedom to cope, we need lives filled with more of what we love, and less of what we don't.

Resilient will show you how to rise above the circumstances.

I'm so proud of my book Uncluttered: Make Space and Time for the Life of Your Dreams (paid link).  I was able to create a comprehensive handbook for a simpler life — not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a creative, multi-faceted guide to help you
  • remove the stuff that's bogging you down
  • create a cleaner, more spacious home that welcomes and supports you
  • escape the consumer treadmill
  • overcome bad habits and practice better ones
  • highlight your favorite things and memories
  • discover a sense of freedom and accomplishment
You can be happier with less, and Uncluttered will show you how.

I'm also happy to feature The Minimalist Family: How You and Your Children Can Find More Joy With Less (paid link).  We all want to give our children advantages, opportunities, and happiness, but nowadays it's such a challenge to keep from overloading them with toys and activities.  We might actually be stunting our kids' ability to distinguish between needs and wants, or to become flexible and self-reliant.  We might even be unintentionally teaching them that happiness comes with the next purchase.

Minimalism isn't just for young singles or downsizing seniors, it's for families too.  The Minimalist Family offers thoughtful advice about clutter, habits, and busyness, and tackles real challenges such as homework, laundry, and daily meal preparation.  It includes chapters on toys, technology, travel, and so much more.

Also look for:

A companion to The Minimalist Family, The Magic of Words: Help Your Child Be a Reader for Life (paid link).

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