The Minimalist Challenge: 36 Fun Experiments for a Simpler Life

Take bite-sized steps to a life of freedom, focus, and success.

How do we learn?  By what methods can we better ourselves?  When we want to make a change or an improvement, what's the best way forward?

Here's an answer you might not expect:  We can rely on the scientific method.

photo by Clint Patterson

Full disclosure:  My husband teaches science.  My son-in-law is a clinical laboratory scientist.  My sister nurses transplant patients and one of my cousins is an oceanographer.  My father-in-law was a geologist.

I'm surrounded by people who think in terms of observing, asking questions, hypothesizing, testing, evaluating, and then going through the process all over again.

Experiments are fun.

I get it.  Experiments are all about discovery and growth.  They let you try something you might not otherwise do.  And there's no real failure in an experiment because all results are data.  If something doesn't work the way you hoped, that's simply data that lets you try another behavior to see if it works better.

In May and June of this year I published a series of posts which gave readers the chance to try various small projects designed to make life simpler.  The challenge included 27 thirty-minute activities and nine try-it-for-a-day experiments.  Those who followed along were able to observe, question, hypothesize, test, and evaluate what worked or didn't work for them, and what they might like to explore further in six life areas:

  • physical clutter
  • digital clutter
  • mindset
  • schedule
  • finances
  • personal well-being

Today I'm excited to announce that I've published the book version of those eye-opening experiments, The Minimalist Challenge: 36 Fun Experiments for a Simpler Life.  It's available on Amazon in a Kindle edition* and also in a beautiful paperback edition.

This is a reader-supported blog, so I hope you'll show your support for my work by clicking through and purchasing a copy, and/or by sharing the links with friends who might be interested.  Thank you!

P. S.  Be sure to check the dedication when you read the book!

* With the free Kindle app, you can read on your phone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle necessary.


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