6 Enlightening Posts and More Free Downloads

FREE resources to help you get organized and improve family life and leisure.

My friend Karen Cadera, who works and blogs at teachyourchildpiano.com, has created a blog bundle with six authors, including me.  Karen is a musician, teacher, and aspiring minimalist who has been subscribing to Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff for quite a while now.  She reached out and asked me to join the blog bundle, and I was pleased to do so.

This bundle includes several resources which are easily worth at least $100, but are available to all of you for FREE.

Don't be fooled by the blog titles.  You don't have to be part of a homeschooling family to receive benefits from these posts and resources.  Any parent or grandparent can use ideas for improving family life or enriching their child's learning experiences, and every one of us can use reminders and ideas about being more organized or using leisure time well.

photo by Giu Vicente

I hope you enjoy the work of these creative bloggers and download the FREE resources that will be most useful to you.

1.  Organize Your Life with Trello from Stephanie at Mama Shark Blog

As moms (or in any capacity), one of our continual challenges is staying organized!  Whether you're a Type A loves-a-list mom or a Type B spontaneity-is-great mom, we all have to keep track of tons of details in our day to day lives in order to run the small businesses we call our homes.  We all find our preferred tools to do this, and I want to introduce you to my all-time favorite tool – Trello.  Let me give you a peek into one of my favorite topics, How to use Trello to organize your life!  Download my FREE templates for organizing meal planning, party planning, work projects, and more!

2.  36 Weekly Bible Promises from Katie at Katie J. Trent

Grab these FREE 36 Weekly Bible Promises for your homeschool along with printable scripture cards to encourage you throughout the year.

3.  Screen Time Rules Checklist from Julie at Fab Working Mom Life

Grab this FREE printable screen time rules checklist for kids to keep them off screens all day.  Then use any of the ideas in this summer bucket list blog post to help come up with fun activities to do as a family to get outside and enjoy the break!

4.  Secrets of a Happy Home Life from Christian at Christian Family Reformation

"Few things that we can do in this world are so well worth doing as the making of a beautiful and happy home," J. R. Miller once said.  "He who does this builds a sanctuary for God, and opens a fountain of blessing for mankind."  I'd like to give you a FREE download of a small booklet that shares some of the Secrets of Happy Home Life

5.  The Solar System Symphony for all ages from Karen at Teach Your Child Piano

Have you ever tried blending the study of music with science?  Surprised?  Didn't think it could be done?  Well, it can and it has been done.  Read my post 7 Super Cool Ways to Help Your Kids Appreciate Music & Learn About the Planets, and see how you can blend the study of music with the study of the solar system and have tons of fun irrespective of the ages of your kids.  What is more... you can download a cool printable for FREE, which has blended music and science activities for kids aged 4-17.

6.  The No Money Weekend from Karen at Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff

Summer is here, and many of us have a lot more free time.  We want to relax, but we don't want to just veg out in front of the computer or TV.  We want to have fun, but we don't want to break the bank buying toys and trips.  True leisure isn't passive – it makes us feel creative, energetic, and satisfied.  Read more about it in my post Minimalist Fun, and get dozens of no-cost entertainment ideas from my FREE 10-page printable, The No Money Weekend.

Don't wait!  Get these amazing FREE resources while they're still available.


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