And Now for Something Completely Different

A blog bundle with FREE resources to make life better.

My friend Karen Cadera who works and blogs at has created a blog bundle with five authors, including me.  Karen is a musician, teacher, and aspiring minimalist who has been subscribing to Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff for quite a while now.  She reached out and asked me to join the blog bundle, and I was pleased to do so. 

This bundle includes several resources which are easily worth at least $100, but are available to all of you for FREE.

photo by Olivia Bauso

Don't be fooled by the blog titles.  You don't have to be part of a homeschooling family to receive benefits from these posts and resources.  Any parent or grandparent can use ideas for improving family life or enriching their child's learning experiences, and every one of us can use reminders and ideas about living in the moment, practicing good habits, and making intelligent decisions about money and belongings.

I hope you enjoy the work of these creative bloggers and download the FREE resources that will be most useful to you.

1.  Living in the Present from Gipsy at Frozen Cactus Creations

How would you like to live more in the moment?  Then this post 6 Reasons It's So Hard to Live in the Moment, with FREE Living in the Moment eBook, from Frozen Cactus Creations, is ideal for you.  It teaches you how to start living more in the moment and appreciate life as a mom.

2.  Developing Good Habits from Julie at Fab Working Mom Life

Do you struggle to develop good habits in life?  Do you wish it was easier?  Being mindful is the key to starting a new habit, so grab this FREE Habit Tracker made just for you!  Enjoy this post, Start a New Habit While Working on Self-Improvement, and other articles to help make your busy life less overwhelming and learn ways to reduce your mental load.

3.  Musical Activities for Kids from Karen at Teach Your Child Piano

Do you struggle to find time to add music to your homeschool?  Have you tried blending music with other subjects that your kids learn?  Want to try blending music with science, history, geography, or art?  Don't know where and how to start?  This post, 5 Innovative Ways to Blend Music with Other Subjects, plus FREE Geography and Music printables (for ages 4-14), will provide you with valuable ideas to blend music with subjects your kids already learn in school or your homeschool.

4.  Fun Faith-Building Activities from Katie at Katie J. Trent

Are you searching for easy ways to make family faith-building meaningful and memorable?  Check out Katie J. Trent's post, 7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fun Faith-Building Activities into Your Home.  Be sure to grab your FREE Family Faith-Building Bundle while you're there!  It's a $30 value and includes a 140+ page download with tons of fun games, activities, and homeschool resources to feed your family's faith.

5.  Minimalism for Families from Karen at Maximum Gratitude Minimal Stuff

Have you ever wasted money, time, energy, and dreams on things that didn't ultimately make you happy?  As a former homeschooling mom, I know how easy it is to keep adding more to the toys, books, learning materials, and stuff in your home.  But life is more peaceful – and just as happy – with less stuff.  Take inspiration from my post Minimalist Advice to My Younger Self, and start living with less using my FREE printable, 101 Things to Declutter for a Simpler Home.

Don't wait!  Download these amazing FREE resources while they're still available.


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