Maximum Gratitude - My New Book Is Here

It's here, and available to purchase on Amazon!  My newest book/journal, Maximum Gratitude: Find Happiness and Contentment through the Habit of Giving Thanks is finally ready for you.

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journal and coffee

Here's your chance to co-author a book.

Maximum Gratitude is a book you will personalize.  Each of you will become my co-author!  Of course you can use any journal as a gratitude journal, but this one contains my carefully crafted ideas, insights, anecdotes, and how-tos, plus great quotes and pictures.

Actually part journal and part inspirational handbook, Maximum Gratitude begins with a 30-day Gratitude Challenge to jump start a new lifestyle.  Next are twelve thoughtful essays interspersed with pages which you can fill with your own expressions of gratitude – enough for an entire year.  You'll develop and hone a thankful mindset while constructing a storehouse of memories and observations you can turn to again and again.

I've been writing in my proof copy, and I think you'll be happy with the quality of the binding, paper, and color.  This is a book you can carry with you – I like the feel and the weight of it.

You might even want multiple copies to give as gifts.  I would be thrilled if you spread the word about how the habit of gratitude can change the way you perceive your life and bring more meaning and joy every day.

So grab a copy of Maximum Gratitude, a pen, and a hot cup of coffee, and get started!

Thank you,


P. S.  Like all of my books, you can also purchase through Amazon in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Japan, and Australia too.


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