Coming Soon - The Maximum Gratitude Journal

Shortly after Thanksgiving I had what I thought was a fantastic idea.

As you know, I think gratitude is one of the hallmarks of a full and happy life.  And I've written several posts about the value of journaling to establish and sustain a gratitude habit.

So my idea was to create and publish my own gratitude journal!

woman journaling

A new habit for the New Year

Actually part journal and part inspirational handbook, Maximum Gratitude: Find Happiness and Contentment through the Habit of Giving Thanks begins with a 30 day Gratitude Challenge to jumpstart a new lifestyle.  Next are twelve thoughtful essays interspersed with pages which you can personalize with your own expressions of gratitude – enough for an entire year.  The idea is that you will develop and hone a thankful mindset while constructing a storehouse of positive memories and observations you can turn to again and again.

I'm still tweaking some of the details.  I want the result to be attractive and something you'll want to keep for a long time.  I've chosen high quality paper and several professional-quality color photographs, but I also want to keep printing costs low enough that the final price of the book won't be ridiculous.  It will be a paperback with a cover designed to complement my other books.  I apologize to those of you who usually purchase my books in the Kindle edition – a Kindle journal just isn't going to work!

By the way, I realize that not all of my readers are female, so while I'm designing Maximum Gratitude to be good-looking, it's not blatantly "pretty."  Nor is it overtly "manly."  My husband agrees that the design and photos will appeal to men, but I love the look and think most women will too.

The journal will be available to order sometime next week.  It's not dated, so it doesn't have to be started in January, but I know that some of you will want to make this part of your fresh start for the New Year.

Have a very happy and healthy New Year celebration!


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