tools, habits, and strategies for minimalism

Inspired by (and building on) my "Minimalist Tool Kit" posts over the past couple of years, my newest book, The Minimalist Tool Kit: Habits and Strategies to Help You Find Freedom and Happiness with Less is available now on Amazon! 

Clutter and busyness don't have to crowd our homes and schedules and keep us from the life we wish we were living.  The Minimalist Tool Kit offers methods and mindsets to help us simplify.  Far from leading to a grim or meager existence, minimalism can make our days smoother, our chores fewer, our energy greater, and our outlook brighter.  (Really!)

Find practical inspiration to make room for what you really want, and learn:

  • how to make every day better
  • how to overcome habits that keep you unhappy and dissatisfied
  • how to maintain a new habit, even when life is hard and you're tempted to quit
  • how to work less and get more done
  • how to make your kitchen (and the rest of your home) more spacious
  • how to build a versatile yet minimal wardrobe
  • how to resist unnecessary shopping
  • how to deal with other people's clutter
  • how to say no...

and so much more!

The Minimalist Tool Kit is available in a beautiful paperback edition and a handy Kindle edition.  And for a limited time, starting at 12:00 a.m. (Pacific time) on Friday, March 12 (that's tomorrow) and going until midnight (Pacific time) this Sunday, March 14 I'm offering the Kindle edition absolutely free to you loyal readers out there.  You have 72 hours to get The Minimalist Tool Kit for free!

If you buy the book in any format, would you do me a favor?  I'd appreciate you taking the time to leave a rating or a review (or both) on Amazon.  It's easy, and your feedback helps other people decide if they want to buy the book.

Thank you!

Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash


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